Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Back!

All's I can say is WOW.... I am seriously delinquent in blogging people! But hey good news I'm back, I mean how can I not be back when I get asked repeatedly "are you back yet", "have you blogged lately", "when are gonna start blogging again", "I sure miss your blog", "what's going on with you? I can't keep tabs on your life anymore". So everyone keeps asking why I took a sabbatical to begin with. And the answer is...are ya ready for this..... Because I can ha! Because this season of serving God and his peoples had to come first, Because my family is most important to me and I didn't wanna miss out on some of the most important seconds of my family's lives over the last nine months or so by being glued to a computer, and because my photography business began to get busy! But I did miss blogging! I miss art to. I really haven't done much of anything arts or crafts wise in a while, which makes me terribly unhappy. Oh, and then then there is my sickness...yes my newly acquired sickness that keeps me pinned (literately) to Pintrest instead of blogging!!!! I seemed to waste what ever time I did have to blog gawking at what other people are blogging about, and beating myself up because I didn't turn all my old t-shirts into a fabulous scarves and head band ensembles with a matching bracelet and toe ring while baking something using Nutella thus giving my fingernails time to dry after painting little abstract designs on them as I planed the most coordinated birthday party for my kid using nothing but recycled household items!!!! Help I need an intervention!!! So there ya have it, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Sadly I have nothing artistic or even remotely mixed media creative to share with you today except a photo or two of some clients i just shot. I have a small triptych in the works that I should be finished in a day or so and I will post then. Until then or until I get a creative hair, see ya then!!

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