Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man have I been busy! I have not had time to sit and post anything since June! My aunt had asked me several months ago to make up a few mini albums that she could give to her friend and some ladies in her quilting group as birthday and thank you gifts. I obliged and sent her two for starters. Well, I guess my aunt liked them so much that she showed another friend the mini album and her friend loved them and decided to order TEN to give to her employee's as appreciation gifts!!!!! Yikes! Let me just say they did keep me busy for a little while!!! I really could have taken a bit longer but I wanted to have them done before I went on vacation this Saturday, so I managed and they went into the mail Yesterday. Here is a few photos. The rest of this week I will be cleaning and packing for a week in Orlando with the family for some much needed relaxation. Hopefully I can get some journaling done this week, I haven't been able to do any lately.
This is the inside of the mini album, they are all different but have some similar features on the inside like tags, and small pockets and little folded booklets. 

                                                         Lots of buttons and ribbon

                                                 tons of paper flowers and fabric roses!

                                                                 See ya all in week or so!


  1. These are adorable! I want to make some. Pretty sure I can figure it out but if you are ever so inclined...a tutorial would be fab!

  2. These are adorable! Isn't it great when people want your stuff! I love it!!!

  3. Beautiful! And what a wonderful thing to do for your aunt. These little albums will be treasured. Yes, a tutorial would be fun.

  4. Wow, honey!! You are one talented lady!! I love your little mini albums!! I need a tutorial on how you folded those cuties!!

    Thank you!! I toadly love you too!! :)
    Hugs, Ashlyn