Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making a Salvation Full

It's raining outside the window, muffled thrumming of drops land somewhere in the sea of parched blades.
No television, no music, no speaking fills the house, I just listen into the silence that seems to be so deep that I cant even imagine it
my mind is drawn to it like hungry souls to a feast....that last day when the bread of life hung motionless with cold piercing steel tearing his flesh, wounds weeping life that would save mine...

outside my window slow rolls of deep thunder break, an ungrateful world groaning for mercy drops,
a sky trembling to release them....

a universal standing still while darkness fell
and we all are captured by the anticipatory electric that hangs in three hour darkness. Breath-holding expectation and gut wrenching not knowing,  an emptiness that would only be filed by the renting of a veil the renting of a body... and I remember, now I see, the very night my life giver was to lay it all down.... took time to teach and to wash, to serve and lavish with love,  knowing the betrayals and the punishment, knowing that his Father would shield His face from the ugliness that His Son would bear on our behalf, Grace Himself sat  with friends, tore pieces of bread knowing the blind and lost would tear his flesh and lifted a cup filled with promise of life, His very life and......... "gave thanks."
                   Pondering the brevity of these two words
                   Drinking deeply of this idea of  Eucharisteo as a life style

If "Thanksgiving is the evidence of His acceptance of His Father's will, His "yes"to Father's Grace, then, how can I possibly not "Give Thanks" in my hrad and troubled places.
and I am rent within when I think of how many times my life has manifested "no"  not grace (Charis)   not thanks, thus no Joy (Chara)
Thankfully there is forgiveness that can scrub to the very core of my sin and  I Thank with greater revelation for his sacrifice.
and the thanks makes way for the wholeness (sozo) which is also salvation (sozo) and now because of the practice of giving thanks because of the breaking of His heart, the saying yes to this grace, the receiving of joy can I experience His fullest salvation, live it to the fullest-a complete salvation.

Mat 9:21-22; Luke 17:17-19; 1Cor 11:23-26

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