Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art In-Between

Yikes I haven't posted any art lately! I do projects and forget about it!! So here are a few little things I have worked on in the past few weeks.....Well for one, there is always a journal page or two this one was using a photograph I took last summer that I finally just got to use!  (disclaimer:  I know the pics below stink but I think camera needs service!)
Next is these ridiculous and annoyingly plain candles that have been just asking for some establishment for months now! I have been playing with paper flower making for a few weeks and got a little carried away with them so I just glued them to many things!!lol

And lastly, I was tired of seeing these little 5x5 canvases just sit there so I just closed my eyes and picked a few scraps of paper and an image theme and made this set of three! There is allot to be said for random art making! I think I will do it more often because I like the challenge presented when "you can only use what you chose blindly"!

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