Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone (yes I said happy!)

Still enjoying the OWOH ride, much slower this year than in past years but trying to at least visit all the blogs that have been to visit me. I just never anticipated being this swamped. I usually prepare for OWOH a bit by finishing up lingering projects and making time each day to blog hop but yikes my schedule had kidnapped me and is demanding ransom!! So if you visit and leave a comment I will get back to ya it just make take a few days!!
On to other pressing this.... I saw, while I was blog hopping this weekend a post about photography that said "if it's to perfect it must be photo shopped".  And I thought I would come to the defense of all of us photographers and say That's just not true. As a photographer (no matter how seasoned you are) you try and improve upon your skills every time you take a photo. I have seen work and am privileged to know many photographers who need no photo shopping done to their work. As a photographer that's what I want to be recognized for my skill in taking good quality photographs (hence the name photographer), not how well I use a photo editing program (because then I would be more of a digital arts professional.) However I recognize that sometimes the photographer can not control external circumstances like the light, or people who walk into a shot, or the wind that blows the subjects hair, or even the model who is difficult,  so we compensate in those situations to please the client (because this industry is client driven). But to say that all great photos are edited is just a poor picture taker talking because they themselves think that the perfect shot is always serendipity, paaaalease, I work hard to make my shots come out great because that means less time on the computer retouching, which means I am working smarter not harder! That would be like someone saying if the book or poem is so great the author copied the words from another great writer or if the art is fabulous, it must be a photocopy of something else. Photography is one part science and one part creativity and let me tell ya the science part is difficult enough but pair it with the necessity of incorporating the creativity, and the external circumstances, like the model, the wind, the clouds moving, tree branches moving, ect.. it's not always easy getting the perfect shot. So you wonder why photographers cost so much? You pay for an artist, and a  scientist, for their time and their expertise in their field, for the ability to capture a subject not only creatively but making sure it is scientifically or technically correct and pleasing all while putting up with a complaining subject model, the wind wrecking their hair the heat making them shinny, the clouds constantly blocking your sun (resulting in reconfiguring your exposure every 5 seconds) I have even heard some of the best photog's in the world ask other great photog's "is that photo shopped?" So if a world renown pro can't tell, what makes this clueless commenter think that they are so much more advanced that they can tell the difference?????????? Sheesh what would posses a person to even say such a judgmental and uniformed thing and clump all great photos into that statement?? Your thoughts on this are welcome and with that said I am having a contest all you have to do is look at these photos below and tell me which ones are "photo shopped" and you will win a prize! the prize is an original 8x10 of one of the photos below (your choice) excluding the child's portrait! All are high resolution photos suitable for framing! Leave a comment on this post telling me if each numbered photo is edited or not and everyone who got all of them correct will go into a drawing. You have till Feb. 25th to leave a comment and I will draw the winner on Feb.26th and post it sometime that day!
For example it should look like this.... #_  yes  (as in yes it is editied)  #_ no   (as in it is not edited) any questions just comment or email me! Cropping does not count  (in this contest) as an edited photo!
                                                                       Photo #1
                                                                  Photo #2
                                                                        Photo #3
                                                            Photo #4

                                                 Photo #5

                                                                     Photo #6

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  1. I just stopped by for OWOH...and in my comment I forgot to mention that I think you have one of the MOST dramatic banners that I've ever seen! It really is amazing...and draws you in to your blog! LOVE IT! ♥