Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unembellished Christmas

I can see them, shinny, sparkling round orbs of light electrifying air tiny little extravagant additions to something meant to be plain, ordinary and uncomely
embellishments that express dissatisfaction with the original state
and isn't that what we do? embellish, add, complicate what He himself has done in babe like simplicity
His coming was misunderstood understated by damp feeding trough
and we have embellished the trough because we believe a king deserves better
draping the story of love-come-down with unnecessary gaudiness
but babe in a trough has His own beauty
we underestimate the value and importance of His plainness
of angels revelating the glory of salvation to no account sheep herders
preferring the pomp of the wise men and their silver and gold carnal praise
over looking the simple sparkle of heavens host lighting pasture landscape with the glory of the Lord
loosing sight of true sacrifice-Shepperd praise unadorned, unembellished, drop-to-the-knee praise

 seeing with increasing understanding beauty in old rugged wood

 focusing hard on the plain nail dangling among the shinning, embellished lovely trinkets

                      bringing true sacrifice

                             learning the rewards of true worship

      finding out nothing could be better than serving Him
     seeing savior in a trough being swaddled love to us all

a lifetime of discovering why plain babe is better than beautiful angels

               Thank you babe Jesus for the nails that set me free

                       wishing everyone a simple beautiful Christ filled Christmas

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  1. Just stopped by to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year to you ~

    hugs and namaste,