Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Back Wooo Hooo!!!!!!

Whew....After an extended absence from blogging and a much needed vacation I'm delighted to finally be back! I cant even remember when I posted last (luckily my blog posts are dated) sheesh I miss sharing with everyone and visiting all my favorite bloggers. I don't really know where to begin so I will just start with the vacation and mention other things and happening randomly as they come to my mind (if they come to my mind!! lol)! Okay so we waited way to long to bank our time share this year which pretty much left us with no choices for where we could go, and given the current state of the economy and the anorexic state of my pocketbook we were left with a two hour drive to where else, Orlando Florida, the tourist destination for all things over priced Disney! Did we want to go to Disney (or any of the other theme parks)? No. Could we afford to go to Disney (or any of the other theme parks)? No. So what does a non theme park lovin, no money havin family of four do when in a tourist trap lovely place such as Orlando? We do the affordable I-Drive vacation!!!! Now for those of you who don't know what that is it's just  fancy Bureau of Tourism  lingo for a generic drive up and down International Drive and visit places like Ripley's Believe it or not and dine at olive Garden!!! Okay so some of you are sayin hey what's wrong with Olive Garden? Nothing if you are at home and running errands and realize that you are not gonna make it home in time to cook dinner. But I am on vacation I wanna taste the world, savor the bread which is of the upper crust so to speak! Well okay we didn't eat cuisine but man we got a great tip on an all you can eat seafood place (lobster included!) and we even managed to engage the ten year olds sense of fun AND her brain and see a dinner show with comody AND magic!  The main objective for this vacation was just to be together which was pretty easy on a budget of $280.00. Did I hear a gasp?? Did I hear a WOW!?? Yes I typed correctly, $280.00 for a family of four for a week. I feel like I should be getting some kind of super frugal award or something! Everyone that I told this to gasp like I had just found the cure for cancer or something?? But really I owe the ability to stay on budget to our time share because if we would have had to pay for lodging some where we could never go on vacation. How do we do this you might wonder? Basically, I plan ahead - really ahead. Since the lodging is already paid for, which by the way is always a condo with a full kitchen at an upscale all inclusive resort that caters to and loves families. I then plan a menu and take that weeks grocery money for our food into our vacation budget (we were going to buy groceries that week anyway so that is done). Next all I have to do is research and plan what activities we want to do or can afford to do and begin saving for them a few months ahead and usually the better resorts have plenty of family friendly activities on premises for under $7 and for free, like pool games, scavenger hunts, crafts, karaoke . The trick is to stick to your plans, menu, and budget (but I always factor in some deviations so I can be prepared for the occasional "I don't like meatloaf for dinner" or "this museum is boring can we do something else") And since I am cooking on vacation I enlist the help of everyone so that the chore of cooking cleaning up and laundry is not all of my responsibility!

   Our two bedroom condo at Orange Lake resort

   Arcade at the resort (cool light mess-ups effects)
    Sun set on the private beach at the lake

 These crazy residents of the golf course kept visiting our back door

                   Brie and daddy in the pool
We had quite a bit of rain the week were there one we had so much that the golf course flooded! The duck didn't mind though!

 Another cool game at the arcade

         The new Convention center
 The wonder Works museum was definatly worth the time and money I would reccomend this to anyone who likes the science adventure museum!

         virtual reality game
Hurricane force wind! (like we don't know what that feels like!!)
                     The bubble maker!

Wow he is one good looking ball player!!!
                                  The bed of nails!

 Okay I posted this only because my body was hidden behind the space suite (hmmm do they make these in evening wear also!)
                               4D motion ride
 I am soooo proud of my girl, she actually went all the way up to the ropes course and tried her best to do several obstacles (they were hard)

 Me and hubby in line for the comedy magic dinner show
Tony Brent magic comedy show was good all you can eat pizza, salad, soda, pop-corn and cake

Resort stilt man making balloon animals for the kids at the sunset celebration each night
                    Night swimming yayyy!!
         Ripley's Believe it or Not (such a bizarre place, bizzare man!)
For instance did you know that people make beautiful art out of lint????? and human hair????
             That's some Idea!!!   lol
This was  pretty cool this entire Vincent Van Gogh was the entire wall and made out of smaller pictures of Him
       weird optical illusion looks cool on camera!
                me again with some neat mechanical art
 this is some of the generic I-Drive fun we had! (we went into a gift shop and messed around with the dead gator, sounds kinda hill-billie huh??)

Okay there are no real words for this one you all can use your imaginations!!! roflmbo
           (actually this was the all you can eat seafood place!)
                 Awww more together time!
The End!! (of vacation that is)
So any way I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and discovered that Linda Jo at Linda jo's obsessions has hit her 500th post and is so generously giving lovely art stuff away all week long so you all should go there and see and comment and enter to win some of her stuff!
I am gonna finish this post tomorrow along with a few pics of some of the art that I have managed to do!
So come back for part two ! I have some good links for any of you home schoolers as well

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  1. What a great vacation you had!!! Love seeing your pictures. And thank you, girl, for mentioning my giveaways!!!!