Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer is for Relaxing?

Wow and yet another few weeks flies by! I have been so busy and having so much fun both with family and in the art world! We have been on lots of family outings in the last few weeks a few I will post here but not all (that would take forever!) I am also taking Julie Prichard's online class Art Journaling Super Nova part 2. That is going well I didn't really need the journaling part but her painting has always attracted me, so she is teaching some of  her painting techniques in this class and I think I might even take a few of her other classes later. So without further ado here is my last few weeks in pics (some not so great but oh well summer is for relaxing right?!

First there was Fathers Day Celebrations, card making for daddy and secret planning for sneaking in the yummy giant cookie that DH loves. Then there was planning for a Father's Day fellowship dinner at church and my planning, organizing and opening the art gallery at the church all on the same day as the dinner! It went well not to many submissions but I think once everyone gets the idea and sees the artists submitting their work more will jump on board! 
 In between this and crazy normal family life there is plenty of studying for my bachelors degree in biblical counseling

Time spent catching up with out of town diving friends and the neighbors is always interesting just like this local resident! He lives behind the neighbors house and decided to pay us a visit

Tons of swimming at the neighbors while we pet sit for them

Then the June Birthdays begin! My oldest daughter turned 19 and my youngest turned 10, 1WEEK APART!!!!!!!!! Can you feel the crazy pace of my life yet?!! We decided to have just one party this year-
One cake divided down the middle one half chocolate and the other half vanilla!

The best part was the "Minute to Win it" style games we played. The kids loved it!

Then there was tragedy... my sweet daughter Brianne watched her beloved hamster Peanut get attacked by our Jack Russel (needless to say Peanut didn't make it :{ So we had a funeral and did some very heavy grieving for two weeks which led to some beautifully profound conversations with my newly turned 10 year old  on death, grief, and the importance forgiveness, healing, and moving on.

We had Family outings and my favorite was the Zoo. Brianne and I both loved feeding Fred the Giraffe !

Now we are into July and of course there is 4th of July with a dodge the rain drops bar-b-que and...
more swimming and...

fireworks from the neighbors back yard and...

wait for it....and.........


            and my favorite photo opp.........................
Her face depicts my amusement as I snap a billion fuzzy no back light blurs of orange and yellow streams of freedom light!

We summed it all up with a Childhood friend who stayed for the weekend, and now it's Monday afternoon July 5th, the hamper is about to explode, the floors are dirty, I haven't really done my hair in days and my work hard work allot husband has to return to the grind. Whew that was a busy month!

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