Thursday, June 3, 2010

Room change and Redo!!

This is a journal page I did  a few weeks ago. It's been busy around here, I moved back into my previous room in the house but it needed a makeover (desperately!) so for the past week I have been painting. It turns out that since I wanted white we had to prime first which added a step and then used cheap (and I don't mean frugal/cheap I mean LOUSY/CHEAP!) paint so we (and when I say we I mean my husband ;)  had to do two coats. I, while DH painted his but off,  I stood in the sweltering Florida heat refinishing my shabby new Goodwill find of a desk, priming and painting lovely shabby white with a crackle White and blue band. It's really pretty, unfortunately I was doing all the work on it so there are no pics of the process. I got this cute lamp from a garage sale for 5$ and this mirror and chair from a garage sale for 20$. I recovered the chair with some fabricsI already had and repainted the mirror in the shabby chic color pallet I was going for a shabby chic feel in the room and so far it's nice still lots of details to finish but soon hopefully I will be finished. Oh I forgot the really cute wall art I made! I took some of my scrapbook papers and cut them into squares to fit the size frames that I already had, I glued them onto the backer board and spray painted the frames silver an viola! free art      Here are the after pics
                                        The desk area is still a bit naked but time will fill the space!

                                             Eventually all the furniture will be white
The FREE art work !
This was another free make over-the chair was $15 bucks yard/estate sale but the chenille coverlet was my grand mothers and the seat cover was a vintage baby quilt I got as a gift when I had my second daughter and the shams were from an old Target bed set I got when my husband and I got married! The bonus!!!??  There was no sewing what so ever!! LOL I stapled the seat cover, and tucked the coverlet in the crevices as to not ruin it.  

                            I Needed a free and fast way to hide some of the jewelry supplies and school books so I used the same sheets that covered the old reading chair from my bedroom they were the right color and I was ditching the chair any way!

                                     This is the space I just left (I hate that dirty pink carpet! :(


  1. Amazing journal entry! I've had the itch to do more art journaling but have too many other projects on my list at the moment! Your new space is lovely, like a giant blank canvas for all your art :) (Although, I do like the blue too)

  2. Hello
    So glad you stopped by, it is nice to meet you!
    Love your new studio, so light and airy! I am in the process of fixing up part of the attic for my prayer/reading room. I will be posting the before and after pictures also...but not for awhile as I am still in the cleaning process!
    Have a great week
    Many Blessings

  3. Wonderful new room& you are sooooooooo creative!
    Hugs & namaste,