Monday, June 14, 2010

An excerpt from a devotion that was brought to my attention this morning by a friend....

Verse: Psalm 90:17 - May the favor of the Lord Our God rest upon us:
establish the work of our hands for us - yes establish the work of our hands.
ALL CREATIVE EFFORTS IS FROM GOD,and people who do art/handicrafts create. To create is to be at peace, for in creating one is joined with the Creator. Creativeness is one of the needs of our humanity and one of the gifts of God to us. arts or Handicrafts also are one more way to restoring us to wholeness in the natural and psychological order so as to better restore us to Christ. The loneliness of modern people has almost reached a point of no return; but in a common effort of creativity, men and women may find someone else who is interested in similar crafts, and become friends through their craftsmanship.

FRIENDSHIP IS STILL THE MOST PRECIOUS POSSESSION THAT A HUMAN BEING CAN SHARE. So handicrafts open the door to both friendship and creativity. These aspects go together, for friendship both creates and demands creativity to grow.
by Catherine Doherty.

Great blessings flow from having like minded friends who share an interest but as I prayed this morning I am reminded of the importance of having first and foremost a friendship and fellowship with The Lord Jesus Christ.....Thanking God for his precious presence which reminds me that in all of the chaos of this worlds affliction, and in lonely times that God had a plan from the beginning, that it was simple, and required only two things His Word and His Spirit and where they are not I don't want to be. That despite his prior knowledge of my failings he continues to make and mold me on his potting wheel, despite his prior knowledge of how many times I would run from him and hide, he continues to say "Where are you" (Gen3) Don't let the guilt of your sin cause you to run and hide, you will not only suffer the the consequences of your sin but in running you are forfeiting His presence as well!!! Have a blessed Day everyone!
I encourage you today, to be creative and connect with someone else and may that someone be Jesus !!

Be Blessed
Thankful for.......
His Word and His Spirit
Daughter who takes off 9 and puts on 10 year old thoughts
Daughter who takes off 18 and puts on 19 year old thoughts
Helium balloons
Bits of leftover gift wrap and popped balloon on the floors
husband who reads my need for assistance and instinctively leaps to the rescue
the echo of giddy girls laughter in my mind
when a plan comes together

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  1. Hey Melissa. I don't have a comment on any specific thing but I just wanted to you to know how refreshing it was just being here today. I hadn't planned on visiting with you today, but I was at my twitter page and linked from your post there today. It's like a mini vacation in here! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and thank you for all that you do, all that you are and I thank God for your creativity.

    ♥&(((~_~))) (Love & Hugs)