Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Some good sayings!
1. Some go to ball games and scream like wild Indians; then they go to church and sit like wooden Indians!
2. Going to the altar does not make you a Christian no more than standing in a barn makes you a mule!
3. When sorrow cuts deep into our hearts we have a deeper capacity for joy.

Just a few journal pages I have worked on in the last few weeks
this first one is a water soluble pastels and a bit of acrylic (the journaling is yet to come!)

               This one is Distress inks and some old sheet music and liquid water colors and the photo is printed on canvas
                                    This page is the same as above photo printed on canvas
                                  This one is all water color crayons and pencil

                          Here is a collage (in case you missed the previous huge pictures from above!!) LOL Just playing with the collage feature on Picnik.com! Have a great day
Have a great day

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  1. Beautiful, my dear, just BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

    Hugs, Ashlyn