Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekends are for Parties!

I am finally posting the pics of the Spring Eggs that I did for the CPA Vintage Egg swap. I had to wait for them to be shipped out to everyone, so that it wouldn't be a total spoiler for all the participants. I can not wait to get mine!!!!
I have a few small works in progress but not much else lately due to scheduling and the fact that it is end of the year for our homeschool so I need to get ready for our portfolio review (busy busy!) But I did have time to go to a birthday party today for a friend at church. Bill turned 50 and his wife through him a surprise party, we had a good time later after the crowd shrunk we just hung out a chatted, had a short game of charades and put an old couch on top of our friend Tony's car! What , huh, yes I said a couch on top of his car! But what's even funnier is that he is a counselor and he has this huge magnet on his car door advertising his counseling service and the statement was made "have couch will travel"!!!!!!!! And who said church folk was boring!!! LOL (Glad he has a sense of humor)

These photos were taken at the party. They are my sweet friend Dauna's grandson! 

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