Sunday, March 21, 2010


Recounting the goodness of God to roll away the clouds of fear and anxiety, longing for heaven-home, recounting...For you Father, are mighty and nothing is to hard or beyond your capabilities you call the universe in to order and name each star, you drawl in the tide and let it out and cause the moon to wax and wane

you seed the earth with good things and cause music to fall upon my ears and for everything there is a season and a time this I know

you even order the steps of men and at the beginning number the hairs of our head while seeing our every need

Recounting the times that you have gone before me

clinging to your grace and mercy and knowing....

You have closed me in behind, and in front, and Your hand is laid on me

Whither do I go from Thy Spirit? And whither from Thy face do I flee?
If I ascend the heavens--there Thou art , And spread out a couch in Sheol, lo, Thee!
I take the wings of morning, I dwell in the uttermost part of the sea,
Also there Thy hand doth lead me, And Thy right hand doth hold me.
And I say, `Surely darkness bruiseth me, Then night is light to me.
Also darkness hideth not from Thee, And night as day shineth, as is darkness so is light.
For Thou--Thou hast possessed my reins, Thou dost cover me in my mother's belly.
I confess Thee, because that with wonders I have been distinguished. Wonderful are Thy works, And my soul is knowing it well.
My substance was not hid from Thee, When I was made in secret, Curiously wrought in the lower part of earth.
Mine unformed substance Thine eyes saw, And on Thy book all of them are written, The days they were formed--And not one among them.
And to me how precious have been Thy thoughts, O God, how great hath been their sum!
I recount them! than the sand they are more, I have waked, and I am still with Thee.


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  1. Aha - a King James version fan. I personally do NIV or NKJ. Enjoy your inspiring words and wonderful photography!