Monday, March 1, 2010

Gratitude Monday

This letting go of her business does not come effortless, and scarcely easy
always with stabbing pain to a heart that is softened with time and love and experience
shaken to core when one is pushing so hard against the love she does not feel she needs
oh how many tears can Lover of My Soul save in His bottles before they overflow
I write it all down emptying my fear and worry, spilling raw black emotions into the milk whiteness of my ninety pound cold press paper
and it flows
burning sentiments into existence the words that seem like truth daring to define the situations in her life and my life
paper thirsty for more drawing the ink from my pen and the hurt from my soul, greedy paper
relentless pain
I remember the real Words of Truth, the inspired breath of the one who knows and bore my grief and sorrow
His gentile promises that line these pages of fine tissue speak through time and circumstance louder than thirsty journals
I run fingers over Masters love language and breath deep with relief
and exhale soft thank you's
tonight I see the brass laver
basin filled with the Words of Truth and Promise
and I lean over it's edge and behold my reflection and His command to wash
wash away my sinfulness
wash away my fear and my doubt in the life giving waters of grace

Thankful for:
Inside jokes with family
nine year old skip counting
a child intrigued by Preambles and Declarations
Children thankful to have "certain unalienable Rights"
A Creator who has endowed us with these rights but is also the source of these rights

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