Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Visual Journal

Well it has been quite a while since I have done any real work in some of
my journals but here is what I just finished yesterday. It was so great to. I just sat down whipped out the paint and started. I had no direction, no goal, no real focus, I just started scraping on the paints in a few colors I was admiring earlier in the day and then it all began to come together. I was loving the new canvas paper I bought that morning because I had never used Strathmore brand linen canvas papers for acrylic before (always another brand) but I have to say I love the stiffness and durability of this stuff. I mean I soaked the paper several times watering down my paint and I couldn't make it buckle or ripple no matter how wet it got!! I also love the deep texture I was originally afraid of loosing some of the texture after scraping and applying several layers of paint but as you can see there is plenty texture to see! Then the real test twenty four hours later when the cheap (yes I said cheap) acrylic dried completely it didn't buckle the paper either for those of you who do not use acrylics (especially cheap one :) the stuff in acrylics that essentially make it into a pliable plastic begins to shrink as it dries and in the process buckles the paper. Maybe it was just a fluke but I was really digging the paper!!!lol I love her stance it is confident but not to cocky just like I was feeling yesterday (grin) I just love it when the creativity flows and the process isn't always like giving birth! I think I will fill her confident figure with lovely words maybe a poem of my own or some ponderings from this week!


  1. Painting without any direction is marvelous, I think it's the only time I end up with anything I like! Wanted to let you know I posted a pic of your ATC's on my blog today to share my winning from the OWOH giveaway, with credit and and a link back to you of course :) Happy Hump Day!

  2. I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and follow them.