Saturday, February 13, 2010

Song of the Soul

She sings only notes that are old
those of condescending octaves that breach the walls of our masking
But I listen with the sum of all my years and hear
scales and melodies not sung from my lips in a long time
I heard the choruses of dilemma pour from her heart before she finished
because they were sung to my spirit by the only one who can truly see the heart
Her heart sang melodies of things that only another singer
could grasp yet none could fully duplicate
Thanks to the creator of all things musical I heard the singer not just the song
But these songs told stories to my heart of desires fulfilled, and desires left longing
The song of every man and woman longing
to have the deepest need met, to be fully known, to lean against the breast of the one who is, was and is to come, to have our fingers on the very pulse of God
So that we will no longer sing off key the notes that are old and condescending
But as the horn that calls each one of us to jubilant worship
Having our gazes fixed on Him and knowing as we are known that His mind is on our souls .

Have a blessed day!

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