Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Gratitude list on Tuesday (late again)!

Humor with a taste of sweetness! This is my nephew Zack it was his 2nd birthday and he loves Sponge Bob Square Pants. Now, to look at this photo it would appear that Sponge Bob is eating my nephew but rest assured he is only hugging him you see given the placement of the eye holes sponge Bob (aka big brother Johnathan) can't see anything below 5 foot tall!!!!

Ya know I just cant keep beating myself up for being late, it seems to be a common thread this month with me. So I'm just not gonna worry about it anymore. Monday is sooooo busy for me (gasp) that I don't have a minute to think! I did however finish a birthday card that I cant show because the person who it is for gets my blog via email and will see it before they get it so for now it's a mystery! So with that being said- my list of thankfulness!!!!


hair dye!!!!!!!!!

pretty shabby sheik blogs to look at when I am disgusted with my messy house!

There is many more things but I would like to keep some for just God's eyes!
Have a beautiful day

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