Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Historic Places

WHOOT WHOOT!!!! I'm so recharged today! My friend Alecia and I planed an impromptu photo shoot in Historic Joshua Creek Cemetery and downtown Arcadia (Florida). We headed out around 10am not completely sure of where the cemetery was but we were ready for an adventure! We did find it and it was the perfect day to go out there, the temp was a bit cool and it was very breezy (but hey it beat sweating like a pig in 95 degree temps and 90% humidity!) However the light was beautiful azure skies with lots of shade from huge moss filled oak trees created a dance of light and shadows on just about everything! I didn't take any shots of the antiquing we did we were to busy shopping and chatting but enjoy the beautiful statuary I found quietly standing at the head of their graves. I will be posting the rest of my photos as the week progresses and I will also be posting some of them on my photography blog exclusively

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