Monday, February 22, 2010

Gratitude Monday

Wow, I'm actually posting Gratitude Monday ON MONDAY!!!! And I believe I will start with that.....

Today I am thankful for time well spent and errands ran diligently, and daughters cooperative

for the God given grace and energy to get out of bed and meet with Him in my prayer closet

for the kindness and mercy He has while I whine away half of the little precious time I have with Him before I am quiet and begin to listen to what he has to say to my heart.

for journals bound with leather and also with time and tragedy and healing and hard truths and pages wet with my emotions and thoughts processes pregnant with breakthrough

for the exhilaration of tested faith

for feeling completely alive and whole and held even in the midst of crisis

for learning that it is harder to trust in the person than it is to trust their promise because a promise is only as good as the one making it.

for discovering something new something deeper about the Promise Maker/Keeper every time I meet with Him

for friends ending their chemo and radiation treatments today

for a friend who USED to have cancer but kept cancer from having her and her joy and her attitude

for NyQuil

for Kate the dog (even when she is bad)!

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