Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gratitude Monday (on Tuesday!)

I will drink the gray light
And the precipitous as I walk through the water
it is raining here
I love to watch the droplets make their way to the sill
And I try to interpret the combined figure of light and reflection
Trying to decipher which is light and which is reflection and finding beauty in the negative spaces.
Time is passing and I need this calm this thoughtful process
Because the scent of yesterday’s chaos still clings to my skin
And I think I'd miss Him even if I didn‘t know Him.
I was in an oasis of colorless bygone bliss and the voices are far away but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.
Here I can let my eyes glaze over and paint my thoughts any color I feel is right or inductive to calm
worries puddle beneath my feet floating into the abyss
Their hands reached towards the sky in anger not wanting to relent
So now I consider the concept of rest and laying it all down at a cross that I am not worthy of
But hearing clearly in the colorless bliss the voice of the one who created the rain “it is not yours to carry.

Okay I posted yesterday by phone but it didn't work and I didn't discover it till today so re- posting yesterday's Multitude Monday (my gratitude list)
peaceful reflective gray rainy days
my clean organized art room
laundry all done
the faithfulness of my heavenly father
the sound of rain drops on my window sill
friends dropping by unexpectedly to visit
fabric softener
a husband who is long suffering

holy experience

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