Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gratitude List

holy experience

the lessons that I have learned

small quiet moments when all is still in the house and the dog or the beautiful daughter of our married love silently slips on to the couch while I read, and they put their head against my chest as if they are listening for my heart to swell and skip a beat - warm with that primitive mother love -it does

restless older daughter who wants to change her appearance all the time, frustrated that I don't "get" why and deep down desirous to hear me say that outward beauty is fleeting but soul beauty is eternal and that she is beauty walking before my very eyes

mother-in-law who finds odd jobs for financially destitute older daughter and pays her way to much AND treats her to lunch (thank you mom!) for giving her a righteous purpose even for just a few hours!

blog readers and those who leave comments even if it's just to say hello I was here!

an ending to the day, a time to reflect on the events and give thanks that God has enabled me to get out of bed, stand on my own two legs, walk upright, be clothed and in my right mind (well sort of!!)

God is good all the time! Blessings to everyone

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