Wednesday, January 13, 2010

December Happenings

In December my entire family went to Orlando to visit the Gaylord Palms "Ice" attraction. Bot was it cold (not speaking of the unseasonably cold weather we are having at the present) but the temps in side this attractions were a blustery 9 degrees F! My kids , who have never seen snow or experienced temps that cold before were amazed at how cold well, cold was!!!!! LOL after wards they invite you for some nice hot cocoa and my parents treated the whole bunch of us to lunch at the Gaylord it was really great having everyone there together and especially watching the kids enjoy them selves.
Among some of the sculptures was the Nativity and it was beautiful but my favorite is the 9' tall ice angel that stands guard at the entrance of the Nativity 9 (scroll down further). It's amazing to know that artist can make art out of just about any medium available including one that disappears in the right kind of temperature!

Here is the description from the "Ice" web site: "This frozen Kissimmee attraction is Orlando's most unique holiday experience, hand-carved from nearly TWO MILLION pounds of ice. This award-winning spectacle gives guests an opportunity to visit a frosty winter wonderland of interactive environments and larger-than-life, three-dimensional holiday scenes and sculptures, all hand-carved by a team of renown artisans from Harbin, China. Now in its seventh season, ICE! reflects the theme "A Trip to the North Pole," featuring a dramatic journey through the land of Christmas.

There was a giant ice slide the kids got to go on and a merry-go-round chairs to sit in front of Santa all, mind you made of pure ice! (talk about some cold fanny's on the slide!!)

My darling Husband and two sweet Daughters.

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