Saturday, December 19, 2009

Created by The Artist

I just read Gen 1-2:7 and since I find myself needing encouragement and longing to feel the love of my heavenly father closer than ever before during these uncertain times, this may seem a bit light and fluffy! But God is faithful and is meeting me in my pitiful child like state. I love the creation story because God reminds me of how special and loved we are. Of how much attention and care was put into making and providing for us. I am an artist with a mondo creative view of just about everything, so I often see God as an artist, not holding a brush (because He is the supreme artist of course) but with the breath of his very being and the words of His mouth painting a world of beauty and wonder, giving everything animation and with the tips of his fingers painting and repainting the color of the sky and trees and flowers to express his pleasure in what he has created. When he is finished painting he puts on an apron and sits at the pottery wheel, his heart full of desire to bring into existence something that is of himself something for himself, the jewel of all jewels in the crown of creation. How special we are because we were given LIFE in a way that no other creature has been given, "he breathed life into us and we became a living soul" I can see him hunched over the potting wheel, his gentile hands lovingly carefully caressing the crude form of who we would become as a people, molding and shaping each one of our hearts, already knowing who we were and how we each would fail him (Ps139:13-18), yet spinning, stretching, and molding till we were like Him. This reminds me to remain supple like clay under the masters hands so that when he wants to mold me and shape my character and my life and my direction, those things will look exactly like He wants them to. It reminds me to look for the "special" in others as well. It helps me encourage those who have been told that they are "nothing" to "consider the potter". The creation story encourages and excites me and makes me want to tell everyone how precious they are, that the potter stands ready to mold them and remake them and that there is no crack, or chip, or break that He can not fix, no vessel he can not repair, no ugliness he can not cover. "That he can call those things which be not as though they were" It reminds me that I am like Him and can paint (speak) a picture of life or death in someones mind and life at any given moment so I should heed the advise of Eph 4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. It reminds me that if I pray for the eyes, mind, and heart of Christ, I will see, understand, and love in more vivid and living color than ever before!
God is so good, so mighty, so faithful, so gentile, praise his name!

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