Monday, October 19, 2009

My Gratitude List

holy experience

My List of Gratitude.......

#1 Waking to the sound of trees moving in the morning darkness, a sound that is infrequent in the still and sultry places of my abode. The trees are dancing in response to the cool relief of autumns brief and irregular visit. In the dancing of the wood and leaf I can hear the voice of the one who calls me by name. His hypnotic voice through the dry brushing of the leaves draws me to window for early morning communing and lessons in both His power and His gentleness. Magnificent oak and bracing breezes relieves, skin is cooled and I understand reprieve, as it is so with my Savior, me, granted a stay, unmerited favor from the heat of wrath that I deserved, in gratitude my spirit quietly dances in the lack light of dawn.

#2 Jack Russell dog warming my cold toes in the morning!

#3 The privilege of home educating my Child.

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  1. "Attitude of Gratitude" is so divine & I love all you write about to be grateful for ~ simple pleasures & all "right in front of our noses" ~ we gifted ~ hugs to you ~ Carol