Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweet Summer

The childish delights of summer sparkle in my lens. Catching glimpses of Red Jello eating and and the writing of names in the air with burning brightness before it fizzles.
The heat never fizzles.

We sit all, like ducks in a row for anticipating the glare of crackling orange and yellow that cuts the thick humid black and I hear laughter from somewhere behind me, then chants of "more more more" and a grown person steps forward to oblige.

The biting moments give way to to the dulcet, and there it is, eau sucré; " sweets to the sweet " savoring the capacity to sense flavor without worry or anxiety for just a few hours.

The happy small pleasures that are mostly fleeting in this age should be intentional
sometimes with force
if not
they will pass by quietly and never find place in the archives of the heart's sweet memories.

There is still a little summer left
to be had
Take it, enjoy it! Happy Summer everyone!

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