Friday, June 5, 2009


This page is from a photograph I took several months ago, of the bench in my back yard. I did a image transfer over top of a gesso and acrylic (blue) background. Super simple, it took all of 20 minutes including drying time! I wanted to keep the page clean and minimal to express a calm and restful mood, as a reminder to my self that I need to rest. Taking a break from all of life's planed rigid moments is a necessity. Taking time away from the happenings of the day each day to be in God's presence is necessary to wage a good warfare. Sometimes we think that battle consists of just fighting and doing but really is not a good battle fought and the war often won with careful quiet observation, careful planning, and mental and spiritual preparation, we may wield a mighty sword, but if we are to tired and lack the emotional or spiritual stamina to hold it up and swing it, it will do us no good! I hope you all have a restful and peace filled weekend!


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! It's so amazing!!! And you say its easy?! I have no idea how to do that! Wow!

    Do you have photo shop?

    Hugs, Ashlyn

  2. Hi, Melissa...stopping by just to wish you happy weekend too! I liked the way you put interest in the photo by adding words into the bench!


  3. This page is beautiful. Love the gorgeous blue background and how you added words to your photo transfer :)