Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Whew! Sorry for the disappearing act but I had to recover from all the excitement and party throwing of the last month! I took a short break from arting and blogging but now I'm back to share with everyone (grinning:) )what I have been up to! {Oh don't get excited you know I'm a good girl!! LOL } I stayed pretty busy actually on this little break of mine, I was asked to photograph a youth revival at a friends church that lasted three days. What a blessing that was!! I took my sweet Brianne and one of her friends on the second day and she and I were greatly ministered to by the worship that night, it was three days of skits, music and God's Word just for youth. There were both my girls birthdays (one week apart!) and this year my oldest daughter's birthday was on Fathers Day! I did manage to get out a about in the neighborhood and my backyard for some exercising, below are some shots of Brianne's sun flowers and my fragipani leaves after a good rain!

Here are some of the shots I got of the youth event....
Visiting local churches did skits and were fantastic!

Worship was done by a very talented young guy Justin Roelant you can hear his music by clicking here

Michael Rosas was the speaker and had great encouragement for the young people

The adults were greatly blessed as well !!!!

So, hi ho hi ho it's back to arting I go!!!!!

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  1. Wonderful photos & I know what you mean about taking time off ~ I essentially took June off ~ had a giveaway ~ July is interview month of bloggers ~ Hope to extend that into & possibly through August ~ Hugs and namaste, to you and your family ~ Carol ~ (