Friday, May 8, 2009

Vacation is Over!

Yes it had to end some time!! We had a great time at the Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort in Cocoa Beach Florida. The beach is beautiful especially at low tide because it makes the beach look even more immense! We visited Kennedy Space Center two different days and learned allot! If you have never seen one of those 3-D IMax films GO! Let me tell ya, we saw one that had an actual space walk where the astronauts were assembling the space station in space and you had the astronauts perspective, I thought at one point I would toss my cookies because it felt and looked so real!!!!! LOL Here are some pics from the week!

Ron Jon Resort

Cocoa Beach

Who said there was no art on this vacation!!!!!

Husband and child made the most of the wide expanse of flat sand and treated passers by to Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!!

Amazement in Ron Jon Surf Shop!! miles of boards and behold.......Brianne almost fell out when she saw they had the skate boards there too!!!! She is cruzin for just the right one (little did she know that she was getting one for her Birthday!!)

This is the board she picked out! We were amazed at the art on the skate boards (see more art!)

Sticker art!!

Two small boards fashioned into a bench and slathered with tons of stickers!!

This is just part one of the vacation part two will be ready later!

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  1. I had to comment on this post :) Not only are they great pics but you have SpongeBob in the post, lol. My son loves SpongeBob and I must say that I am fond of him also. Awesome drawing of him in the sand!