Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Back

Yeaaaaa, I have missed everyone! I have so much to catch up on and share. Well, I will start with the weekend before I went on vacation and share some of the photos. Acquire the Fire was Awesome! I was so blessed! Myself, my daughter Tara, my friend Dauna who is all of our kids Youth Pastor, her two teens and Carla our pastors wife and their teen drove from North Port to Tampa at the USF Sun Dome Friday afternoon, the event began at 6:30pm and we were pumped! Fist we had some worship with the high energy and talented band called Unhindered

in between there was a really long night and a reeeealy early morning, lots of goofiness, laughing, and junk food eating, yep that's my crazy girl with the hotel shower cap on!! I call that shot the nutty lunch lady!!!

That's me reeeeealy tired!!!!!

It was great time with the teens, who did come back refreshed and on fire for Jesus!

We heard some great messages for the teens and then were treated to an awesome concert from Building 429!!! I didn't have the right lens with me so the stage is far away and some are hard to see but you all get the idea!! There were some very intense dramas as well. Next day was looooong!!! But fun tons of information for parents youth Pastors and youth workers, as well as break out sessions for both the guys and the girls all speckled with worship mini concerts from the band Unhindered and finally a closing concert from the News Boys and that rocked!!!!!!!!!
If you have not been before GO!
I will post the rest of my whereabouts separately!

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