Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Antique Shopping!

Wow I had a great Mother's Day Sunday. I got to do a little antique shopping with my husband and daughter. We went to historic downtown Arcadia to the Oak St shoppes. Many of them were closed but the few that were open were lovely and packed full of stuff! I found the folks in the shoppes very friendly and informative!!! I made purchases in couple of the store and found those dealers willing to give me a deal and they were very helpful, in fact the gentleman who was at the counter of Treasure Ally at 215 West Oak St was very helpful, He informed me that there is an Antique Association of Arcadia and that they hold an antique fair on the fourth Saturday of each month that brings in double the dealers and vendor that are there normally, He was sure to let me know of the towns interesting history as well. I cant remember the name of the books and antique shop I got the watches in but she was great as well, any question I asked she tried to answer or help me find it and she was awesome when it came to bargaining with me!! I think the shop was actually called Antiques and Books?? Here are some photos of the shops and the goodies I bought. I hope to use these things soon!!

First two pics are in Treasure Ally

next three pics are of the Books and Antiques store

There was lots of vintage adds, magazines, post cards and books!

The next place I went into was The Vintage Garden, okay this is for all you shabby Sheik people! This place was all eye candy with the colors and flowers and Victorian, white washed, lacy, delicate stuff in every corner!! I didn't want to leave!

every tea cup and saucer in the place was filled with vintage jewelry, buttons etc.. the place left no spot or corner empty, there was so much attention to detail, that you really could have spent hours in there noticing all the things!

So that was my trip to the antique shops! Hopefully soon I have some art to show with the items that I purchased!

I got a great deal on a lot of old photographs, some sheet music, and a bag of old pocket watches and some old doily!


  1. Don't ya just love the "goodies" you got to create with ~ looking forward to see your creations ~ Hugs and namaste, Carol (artmusedog)

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