Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Street Art

Thanks to Penny Smith who found this video (below)we can see that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are at work in the diverse body of Christ followers. When I watch these videos I see Jesus' truest expression of love for His people in that while we sit here in our comfy pretty churches with our lofty ideas of how to reach the lost, entertaining notions of what Jesus meant by "the sick need a physician" and who are the tax collectors, and the Samaritans and the lepers. This video reminds me that while we debate and ponder, I look and see that the Lord is faithful and kind and merciful and is revealing Himself to them, working in them right where they are with exactly what they know, that these artists are revealing Christ and their worship and praise of Him, they are illustrating the greatest act of Love ever done to man by God, on a canvas or sidewalk or wall, thus articulating the Gospel of Jesus by creating life within the beholder with the tools of their trade just as God spoke into everything life,He created, touching a place within each of us making visible and tangible His Grace Love and presence. We cannot afford to exclude anyone from the kingdom, Just think what it would be like to never see colors, or to hear the sweet melody of music, or if food had no taste. We cannot afford to miss the fact that we, each of us are created in the image of God, and to dismiss someone based upon their gifting or appearance, or experience is to dismiss the beauty and likeness of God Himself and to miss the diversity of gifts he bestows on each of us severally, the gifts that we often overlook or take for granted! We may not all be touched for God by way of art, but many, many are. Lets not make a habit of diminishing other peoples gifts and take a look inward and ask why if it so be that we do.

Gospel Graffiti - Billy Graham Video from clickpopmedia on Vimeo.

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