Friday, April 17, 2009

Power from on High!

Luk 24:49 And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.
This is a small new piece I just finished the other day, I used one of the photos I took outside my house, the power lines are just above the back corner of my yard and is the culprit of many bird and squirl zappings! On a more serious note we have been talking about the power of the Holy Spirit allot lately in our bible studies and every morning when I sit outside and have coffee I look at this transformer and marvel at its function and power. I often think to my self if only we could see the Holy Spirit as our spiritual power transformer? Here is a basic description of how a transformer works...The most common purpose of a power transformer is to convert power from one voltage to another voltage (or current). A power transformer is used between the generating equipment, and the power line(s) to step-up (increase) the transmission voltage (to high voltage) I then wonder if I am allowing the Holy Spirit to do this in me? If you think of all the goodness, power and blessing that God has for us, that we in our own power and might cannot handle or harness, or appropriate correctly or efficiently, it only make sense that we need this transformer in the form of the Holy Spirit to convict, convince, lead, teach and comfort, equip and empower. He was given to us for these purposes, to be in us and upon us and I intend to fully utilize Him! I hope you will too!
Holy Spirit I welcome you in this place, I surrender to the power that you want to empower me with, May the spirit of God flow to me, through me and into those lives that I come in contact with each day. In Jesus Name, AMEN AMEN and AMEN !

Resurection Sunday was really nice after spending the morning in the presence of the Lord and in fellowship with great people, we went to our neighbors for a cook out and again were incredibly blessed by great people, good food, and fun! The girl in the foreground of the pic is my neighbors daughter and my daughter is in the background hunting the candy filled eggs my friend filled the day before!

Well, I mentioned before that I had modified my bundle, so here it is I had to hang it because something or someone was tampering with it and I added some inks to the paper and some bits that were already sitting around rusting. We haven't had any real weather to disintegrate it but it was still fun to partisipate and keep watching all the other bundles! May 1st is the big reveal go to the altered page blog for more details and to see all the awesome photos of bundles done by some of the most talented artist ever! I will be posting my bundle before that because I will be out of town untill May 3rd.

While I was out in the yard checking on my Disintegration Bundle I saw that our Lantana was thriving nicely (cant wait for the butterflies!) It is still in the green house being nursed back to health but soon we will put it out to attract some of the wildlife that likes to eat it! I love the vibrant yellow and the contrast of the color against the green leaves

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