Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wow am I behind!

Whew... It's been such a crazy busy month! I haven't posted in a while but guess what???? We had rain last night!!! Yippie!! It rained for about 2 hours here it was light but it was wet!! LOL Now hopefully my Disintegration bundle will begin to do really cool things! Pictures will come later. I also moved it out into the front yard where there is always due on the ground in hope that the bundle will absorb some of that moisture! We have been busy with yard work and maintenance above photos are proof! Hubby up a tree a very tall tree and Brianne taking a break being silly!!
In other news my classes are going well, we just did Photo transfers using both, Iron on transfers and wet media such as Polymer Medium. Here are the instructions again for those who wanted them.
First Iron on transfers. Now you can use Lazertran paper which I get from or you can go cheaper and use Avery T-shirt transfers which I get at any wal-Mart or office supply store. The instructions are for Avert T-Shirt Transfers.
Simply print from your printer a photograph or other image onto the t-shirt transfer as per the instructions in the package, let dry for a few minutes (the longer you wait to use the printed transfer the more difficult it will be to get a good transfer) Remember to reverse or "mirror image" the image or any text as they will transfer backwards if you don't! Next lay your transfer image side down onto you substrate and Iron with modest pressure sliding the iron back and forth for just a few seconds and then lift a corner to see if it is starting to transfer, if not continue with heat until all is transfered. I have done these transfers on top of just about any kind of surface (that will accept heat) and over many types of media, remember practice makes perfect and experimenting is the best part of art!
Next Technique we used was Polymer medium (Hint) you can use the Mat medium of your choice ie...fluid, or heavy viscosity and also soft gel gloss both Liquitex and Golden can be found at and Golden just happens to be my favorite for transfers!
I use both ink jet and toner based copies although toner based copies like magazine clippings and the things that you get copied from like Staples or Kinko's (toner based inks) do transfer better you can still transfer things printed with ink jet inks, it's just that as you wet the paper back and begin to rub off the paper the ink jet inks tends to smudge and rub off to much. Any way, first find your image and decide where you want it to go (the image is committed once glued!)prepare your surface with gesso before hand and let dry then collage or paint as desired, with your finger or a brush put a normal amount of medium onto the image side of the transfer and turn over and glue down to the place you like it. Let it dry (or if you have no patience like me, get the heat gun and make it dry!) have a rag handy and some water in a spritzer or a cup or bowl, dip your fingers in the water or spritz the back of the image that you just glued down and begin to rub gently the wet paper, you will see that it starts to peel off, that's a good ting! Keep going with it until you can see your image, just be careful not to wet it so much that as you rub the entire image doesn't peel off. Once you see the image let it dry to see if a "white film" appears over the image. If it does then wet it a bit more and continue to rub. Repeat this process until the "white film" look goes away.
On the home front Brianne and I are getting back on track with school (seems like I have said that more than once this year!!) Actually we are starting to get ready for our homeschool portfolio review in June, getting ready is the hardest part. That means I have to sit down and go through all her work and chose samples to put in the portfolio, make sure all my logs and schedules and current and correct, gather any projects we want to share, record the books we have read this year, it is fun for Brie though because she get to show off a little bit for the evaluator and show off her projects and hard work!!
Well, I think that about covers my absence for the past few weeks. More later...........

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