Monday, March 2, 2009

Thechnique for the week

Here is one of my favorite background color effects using gesso and water color crayons. I love how it gives your background a pastell-y painterly look with little effort.
First I prime the page or canvas with a thin coat of gesso and let it dry. Next I just grab a watercolor crayon that seems to catch my fancy at the moment and with not much thought of where or how much I scribble on some color (now if you have a definite plan or design then by all means go ahead with that but I like the random look myself!) You can add other colors at this point as well.Once you have some color layed down then take a paint brush of your liking (or you can use your finger if you like to get messy!) pick up some gesso, a nice light amount and begin to rub into your color with the brush you will see that immediately the gesso blends with the crayons and gives a soft blended look. The gesso is a bit dry and sometimes does not give you enough time to blend a bigger area so I just add some water to my brush to keep it a bit workable, it doesn't take much water at all. The key to this media combo is to experiment. Be careful with the mediums you add over top of this because if it is a wet medium it will wash away your color (I use a mat spray krylon). You can keep adding layer upon layer and the color
just gets deeper and deeper! This is a journal page I just did for the art journal class I am teaching, using this technique. "Peace"


  1. Hi..Just wanted you to know that I am following your blog..I am trying so many new things that I can hardly find time to do housework,oops!!!!My hubby is so sweet that I have to make sure that I don't take advantage of him.
    I printed off the wax tutorial and am straining at the bit to give it a try but have to have this technic on a back burner till I use up some of the stuff that I have purchased .
    I love the different pieces that you have on your blog. Think I can try the latest on one of my projects that I am doing this week. Will send you a copy when I get it done.
    Love and Laughter,

  2. Lovely work ~ and so diverse ~ Just checking in and saying hi & hugs and namaste, Carol