Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet Buddy

The work I finished this week is a 14"x14" (I think it's 14x14???) mat board I used acrylic paints and an old credit card as my paint brush, once dry I glued down a nice piece of cheese cloth then I began to lay down some water soluble inks one color at at time until I got the look just right! I think there is at least 9 colors in there not counting the paint colors beneath that! then I added the bird and twigs adhered them with the wax and use some live moss from the tree outside, a few stamps and there ya have it . The colors beneath that are not so apparent remind me of the spring to come and colors on top are representative on the dry winter that is still hanging around!
It was also inspired by the wax that I am working with for my class samples on Tuesday. I love the smell of natural bee's wax melting in my art room! I was also inspired by the prospects of spring, the birds are coming back in droves. In the morning we open all the windows before the heat of the day comes, we take our seats with our coffee in hand and just get lost in God's symphony of trees and wind and birds!
Also notice that the only green spot in the entire neighborhood happens to be my septic Field!!!!!

Okay today I had some help taking the update photos of my Disintegration bundle, his name is Buddy. Buddy is Kate the Dog's hunting toy!. You see Kate is a working Jack Russel Terrier she hunts small animals namely rabbits, lizards,fox, squirls, mice and occasionally the neighbors cat if we don't occupy her instinct to hunt with a fake animal, but today Kate wanted to carry around her squirl named buddy! So here we are in the front yard where I just dropped the bundle in hopes that it would suck up some of the due that falls in the morning. If you look close at the top of the front page (by Buddy's feet) there is a small yellow spot probably caused by the moisture and the old rotting rose petal that blew away the other day!


  1. Melissa...this is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I am inspired to try something like this....probably on a smaller scale. (that's because I do small things...ha)

  2. this is a wonderful piece, i just love all the subtle color. wow all the colors one at a time, that's patience.