Friday, March 6, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration update

Okay I have just taken a trip outside to the heated and dry tundra which is my back yard, and the view was so odd! First, all you see for yards and yards is dry burnt brown (that would be all the grass, bushes, and some trees!) then as your eye gradually turns right you are smacked with a bold punch of bright orange in a small cropping just beside the house. It's my Amarillas yea!!!!
There is color at last in the midst of the sea of brown deadness!

Okay the desintegration is not going so well!! LOL It looks the same as the day I stuck it out there. To bad we cant do the collaboration again in the summer when there is an abundance of weather to the 10th power here in Florida! LOL

Oh well! My darling husband is up in the trees trimming so I better go make sure he doesn't fall out!!

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