Sunday, February 8, 2009

Youth Art Day

It's been a few days but I am still alive! I have been soo busy and have forgotten to post the new technique!! I will in a second but first I have to post these pictures of the youth group because they are so awesome and worked so hard on this project that I have had planed for several weeks! Yesterday I hosted them at my house for an art day with a lesson attached (please ignore the hot water heater in the background!!) The lesson was called Many Parts One Body, I got the Art part of it from Dave Weiss from AMOK Arts but I used my own teaching which taught the kids that God has given each of us gifts and talents and that we should use them to the Glory of God and to serve others, that we are diverse yet unified in Christ's body and that they are not to young to use their gifts and talents. The finished piece is 20"x30" and will hang in the youth room at church
Next post will have the technique!!

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