Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still no Weather????? Ugh!!!!

Okay I don't know how well my disintegration project will turn out!! There is still no weather! I am sooo tempted to "go make some weather!!!" I guess that would be cheating so for now I will continue to pray for some rain!! Here are some more photos from my trip. If you are having a "no weather problem" like me leave a comment and tell me where you are from!!


  1. Maybe those who have too much weather can share???

  2. That's funny :) even no weather is weather. I'm sure your bundle will be just as interesting as those who get heaps of weather.

  3. Kathy ~ We have weather in MA ~ Got a real Nor'ester ~ lots of snoooooooooow! Been shoveling the deck off for the dogs ~ Love your photography! And how is everyone???

    Hugs and namaste,
    Carol (artmusedogs)