Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Technique-Faux Rust!!!

Okay here is the new technique for the week. Faux rust many of us mixed media artist are addicted to rusty stuff also called junque (Sounds way more sheik that way huh!) There are a couple way you can rust stuff and two of my favorite ways are what we're gonna talk about tonight!
Rust method #1 is the cheapest way and what's better than cheap...... why free of course! Look around you house and find the white vinegar and your regular household bleach. Find an old glass bowl one that you will not ever use again possibly the one your aunt Millie sent you for Christmas (she'll never know!!!) Now mix equal parts of each give a little stir (not with your finger!)but here is the important part do this in a well ventilated area like completely outside! The fumes will fill the room or even the garage in minutes and will overwhelm you! (I learned this first hand when I came to on the garage floor!!! lol) It's that bad! Then drop in your metal junque and let sit for a few hours and check, if it's not rusty enough let it sit till next day and check, word of caution here if you are rusting thin items like Altoid tins they will eventually decay completely if you let them sit in the liquid to long. The trick is to keep an eye on the stuff.
When it looks good to you use some old tongs to fish out the junque and let air dry. Dispose of the liquid safely.
Rust method #2 is a bit less hazardous to your health (unless of course you drink the stuff or flick into your eyes!!) and you will have to get in the car drive to a Michael's or other craft center and pay cold hard cash for the product called Sophisticated Finishes Now I bought mine as a kit but I have seen it sold separately it consists of two processes the first is the Iron metallic surfacer which you will paint onto your items that you want to rust and the second step will be the Rust antiquing solution that you wash on over the dried coat of iron. It's a little messy but worth it because you can control where you rust.
I have rusted plastic bags and baggies, cloth, all metals that are designed not to rust like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper ect. I don't have any pictures of rusted things at this time but as soon as I do I will post and refer to this post. Let me know how your projects or experiments go! Happy Rusting!!!!!

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