Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back from my sudden trip to Apalachicola Florida. My Grandmother had a heart attack Friday and was admitted to the hospital, given her age (87) and her failing health we thought it was best to go and not delay so we could be with her as much as possible. My family on my fathers side is rooted in Apalachicola, they are generational oyster men (and woman!) and I was fortunate enough, in between trips to the hospital to get a few hours in the oldest cemetery in town. Many of the folks layed to rest in there were founders and first settlers of Apalachicola with births as early as 1819 and deaths ranging between 1850-1920. this site was very poorly kept therefore I was not able to get any decent rubbings of the stones that I wanted. Some of the stones looked like they were replaced at some point in history but they were not quit as interesting as the older ones were! The following are just a few of the pics I took more will come later as I get back to business here. With Granny recovering and me back home again I will be posting more frequently again. I will have the technique of the week up again starting on Sunday night as well as an update on my Disintegration bundle!

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