Saturday, January 17, 2009

Neon Bugs!!!

This is a photograph that my friend took and I digitally altered, digital manipulation is not exactly my forte' but I am trying to get better at it! Today was not as cold as it was supposed to get, we braced for 20'sand 30's over night but I don't think it got that cold here. The sun was out though and Brianne played outside all day while I did some much needed catching up on reading! I started yet another project this evening! So far I think I have three in progress humm.... something tells me I need to get focused here and actually finish one! I think I pooped out on the Journal a day in January because life happened to me again! (and I got side tracked with the other two projects!!!!) But I am encouraged to keep trying! I am running out of pages in my art journal and I feel a hesitation like I always do at the end of a journal, it's like hanging out with really great friends, but you know they have to leave and you really don't want them to so you keep hesitating to say goodbye!! Sounds silly I know, like there are no more books to be altered into journals, yeah right!

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