Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Found Journal Cover

This used to be a cover of a journal I started years ago but somehow forgot all about it, I found it while I was cleaning out a drawer and decided to finish it this year I think It will be my 2009 technique journal the place where I keep any new ideas or paint techniques ect... it is huge..17" tall and 11"wide if you include the handle that is attached to the spiral it is 14" wide!! so it will make for a great technique pallet! I remember I had finally gotten Traci Bautista's fusion dyeing technique in my head, I cant remember exactly how to do it now (it's been a while) but I know I used watered down water colors and soaked paper towels in the mixture by sections unfolded and placed some paper on top to do like a mono print of the dyed paper towel, they turned out okay but I remember liking the actual paper towel better so I used them to cover the book instead!!! I'm really behind on the journal a day thing!!!! There just is not enough time in one day to do everything that needs to get done!! I went to my first free photography class last night to see if I was missing anything or if they could teach me something new, well does brain busting boring say anything to ya!!!!!!!! It was basically a computer class for the elderly (which is okay, but they need to be a bit more descriptive in the literature!! ) the instructor assured me, after seeing my many yawns and fidgets that next week we will begin the actual photography tips and trick portion of the classes. So I'm looking forward to that!


  1. I love your pages. I feel at home here looking at your work and listening to your music. Thank you.

  2. I love your pages. I feel at home here looking at your work and listening to your music. thank yoy.