Friday, January 23, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Here is the pages I just finished tonight. These are in the large journal I found several posts ago
it measures 17" tall and 11" wide when it's closed, it's a double spread so open the spread is 22" wide! The photos are iron-on transfers. The journaling is not on it yet but will read as follows:

"As women we inherit the Bitter Sweet Gene, and it could not be more prevalent than during our relationship with our teenage daughters. Their will is so strong that it can feel like wrestling a lion every day. The decisions that she makes are not always wise and so as I watch her make her mistakes my heart breaks, my thoughts turn to panic until I can no more stand the tide of torment so I let it drive me to my knees. Finally, to the place where I remember that I can find the comfort and the guidance and even the strength to withstand those Bitter years. I can't say that it is easy, or that I know exactly how to get to where we both need to be, but I do know that God leads me one mile at a time and I keep the lessons I have learned, both the good and the bad ones carefully recorded in my heart. While God points the way and shows me when to stand down and when to rise up I am carefully mapping the journey from Bitter to the Sweetness of seeing you become the woman God created you to be."


  1. You have a beautiful family. God bless you. xoxo


  2. Very powerful writing here ~ thanks for reminding me of the beauty that comes after the diamond goes through its process ~ I never had a daughter ~ but felt the same about my son & now my niece (my brother's daughter) is walking through life of the "school of hard knocks" ~ it is heart breaking ~ but I too trust in the Divine One to handle it ~ "my boat is so small and the ocean is so big" ~ enough rambling ~ thank you again ~ Hugs and namaste, Carol (artmusedog)