Thursday, January 1, 2009

Being Present!

That dog is soooo spoiled but a part of the family too!!! LOL

Even Kate The Dog was in on the game!!

Letting all the commitments go this Christmas has been so worth it. I know some people were disappointed and even a little mad that we could not attend or commit to their functions or schedules, but I believe it was for a very worth while reason... Letting God be God and letting God be God in and through our family, being fully present with the people we love is the best gift I could ever give especially to my children. Scott has been on vacation for two weeks and we have been able to spend some much need time together and Brianne got much needed Daddy time! I didn't just want to do a bunch of things to fill up time, I wanted quality this year, I wanted to make lasting memories, I wanted to step back and be quiet and watch the expressions on my kids faces. For a change (even if it's for only a few fleeting days) I want to spend all I have in me on just my kids and husband with no guilt and no regret and I have succeeded. We didn't just have fun we connected on a level that we haven't been to since the kids were really little, we made some memories the kind that the kids remember when they are old. They won't remember everything they got for Christmas or who got it for them but they will remember that their mom and dad cared enough to pay full attention to them, that they really treasured spending time with them, that they respected them enough to stop everything they were doing to meet even those unspoken needs or to listen to them. I think this Christmas what we gave them was a greater sense of worth and they gave us a joy that is eternal, far greater that any camera or gift card. I will cherish the smiles and the giggles and the kindness that has manifested it's self I have treasured the fact that God has given me these people and shown me His Glory in and through them! Today we played a Connect Four tournament on Brianne's bedroom floor even Kate the Dog was in on it! It's a shame that some times it takes so much effort to be fully present in the lives of others, and since it's the New Year I think I will resolve with the Lord's help to do just that this year, I asked Him just before Christmas to show me His Glory and He all the small, everyday things and people. Happy New Year

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