Wednesday, January 7, 2009

31 days of journaling

Well, I have decided to give Misty Mawn's challenge of journaling a page a day in January
I know I know I'm starting a bit late (I will make up for the past 5 days in February!!) but I will give it the old college try!!! I may not be able to post every page I do but I will post often. My first journal page is a bit simple in the way of techniques because I have decided to come out of my comfort zones and try drawing/sketching this year.
This is my first attempt and not so bad for the first go-round!!! Her head doesn't look so alien-ish as the other sketches I have done in the past!!!! LOL and she only has one boob (so much for anatomical correctness!!) It's not finished yet but I was pretty happy about the drawing so I
had to post her now!!!!

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