Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Skateboarding and scraping

I forgot to blog about my birthday!! It was Saturday and it was great!!!! My friends came over to scrapbook and have lunch with me and we had a great time together. My gorgeous, wonderful, sweet husband made all of us lunch and catered to us pretty nicely the entire time. Brianne played with my friend Carla's daughter. We chatted and scraped and this was what I did. We were talking about doing this once a month so we can have some much needed girlfriend time! Happy Birthday to me I turned 39 (yikes!!!!!)

Woo Hoooo! I was able to get one piece done today! This is a 7"x7" canvas that I covered with papers dyed with distress inks and distress crackle paint. The birds nest is strips of paper with portions of scripture on them. This piece will have 2 more in the set.

The kids were outside all day today which made it a bit easier to get some art done (results above!) The really big kid in the jeans was teaching the cute little kid how to skateboard! But he always gets involved himself!!! I just hope we have enough insurance for when he wipes out hard and busts his butt!!!

Brianne is practising walking on the board (in the messy garage!)

She is doing really well she is picking up speed and gaining more confidence!

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