Saturday, December 20, 2008

His Glory

As time draws me closer to Christmas, I feel as though, once again I have missed something. I deliberately cancel plans, and “say no” to parties, determined to complete the charitable works the Lord had laid on my heart before the season began. My quest to reflect and absorb and treasure the Christ in Christmas was still coming up flat. I am some how missing the true treasure; I could feel it. I discovered that in all my doing and in all my lack of doing, I failed to see His glory. I’m sipping hot cocoa now and savoring all my blessings who are gathered around me, I KNOW that Christmas is deep and I KNOW that Christmas was a need met 2000 years ago and today, my need of a savior which He met was not on Dec. 25th but on any given day, every given day. Christmas is literally and figuratively EVERYTHING EVERYDAY. I got on my knees and asked Him to show me His Glory. And He did.
I learned that we are just this infinitesimal speck in the heavens and you ask why would that make me feel good? Because if I look beyond my circumstances to the odds that I have over come, and beyond my country, and beyond the troposphere and beyond the stratosphere, and beyond the mesosphere and even beyond the thermosphere and exosphere, we are there. In all of God’s creative Glory we are there, maintaining a position in the vastness of the created universe amongst the stars and other heavenly bodies. He has caused us to be provided for in the unlivable cruelty of space. And try as I might (which we all do sometimes because we are sinful) I can not find any scientific, or rational reason for surviving the life I have had, other than the fact that I am cared for and that He is making provision for me and my existence. That’s His Glory. I have always known that Christmas is “about” Him, I repeat this fact several times a day to my children when the holiday approaches. Could it be that I as finite human have once again failed to remember his vastness? I find the meaning to this answer in His own statement about who He is when He says “I Am” he places no dates or places after that, there are no boundaries to this statement. He is EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME not just at Christmas. Christmas IS Christ, ALWAYS, the gift, the one who took on human form. He saw us, he saw that we were in need of someone to save us from our sinfulness, ourselves! That is His Glory. I see the tree lit and glowing, a florescent reminder of years not gone by, but added up, accumulated, survived and I touch the ornaments, one for each year and I see a nostalgic mind movie and I’m able to find some forgotten Glory of His in the old scenes of my time on this planet. I see the manger ornament dangle with it’s star shinning down as if to remind me Christmas is who Christ is and this is His Glory. The Glory of God is everyday and it is in the fact that when the enemy has taken from me all he can take that I can cry out to The One Who Is, and he will save me. The Glory of God is round about me and I wonder who am I that God would cup his ear and lean in close as to hear my faint cry for help or my weak praise. Who am I that the one who calms the seas, the blessed redeemer of mankind would love my soul enough to not just pick me up out of mire, save me from eternal death and bring me to his banqueting table , but also give me the blessings of this life and people to share them with? There is no snow here to make it unusually quiet outside, but alone here with Him I am raptured from the busy “holiday” and taken on a journey in my being to seek out His Glory -and I find it. Quiet falls on this house now, satisfied with the fullness of His Glory, I sup from his Word with immensely more gratitude and remember it’s not so much about who I am, but it’s about who He is. He is Everything and that is His Glory!

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  1. Very well said. We owe him so much and on the day that we are to celebrate his birth sometimes we forget. Thank you for bringing perspective back to Christmas for me.