Monday, December 15, 2008

The Angels Song

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”—(Luke 2:14).

Do you know what was actually meant by the angels?
Their message was not “peace between men who have good will” or even “peace and good will between men.” as some translations would read.
Rather it is peace on earth and good will toward men from God for those who accept Jesus, this new born in the manger.
The angels are making a huge statement about who Jesus Christ is. The passage shows that for all who accept Him as God’s unique Son and as their Savior, there will be peace on earth for them with God and there will be good will toward them from God.
So what they are actually saying is, “Good will toward men” not “good will between men.” (Although that never huts us either!) Actually, it is a peace between man and God through Jesus, that we can have peace with God. It's a relational thing that is here spoken of. So then we must ask our selves this:
Will our relationship be conducted by His will or will it controlled by ours?
Will this relationship be one that is brought about by the peace of self surrender or one complicated with the strife of our own self will?
Will our relationship be one that has a primary purpose of bringing Him glory or one
that silently or subconsciously demands He make us happy?

I know; it would be really great if that statement by the angel meant simply that because Jesus came we were all gonna just have peace, "Poof" a peace filled world full of peace filled people "Poof" no troubles no pain! But if you think about it the only true peace comes from being completely surrendered to His will which in turn glorifies God and brings you more peace.

Peace as Jesus gives is not the absence of trouble as much as it is calm in the midst of trouble. We were not promised the absence of trouble, but not being consumed and forsaken when we pass through those troubles.
Look at Mary as the baby Jesus grew in her womb and as she was reproached, if peace on earth meant Mary would have no pain or troubles, somehow God would have hidden Mary's miraculous pregnancy. Peace for Mary and Joseph wasn’t deliverance from reproach but miraculous provision was made toward them through those uncertain times.
All during their ordeal Mary found "that peace that surpasses all understanding" because she
gave glory to God. Glory to God in the highest is what brings peace on earth (or in our terrible circumstances).

Shalom means... (peace) completeness/wholeness. Peace to man comes only when we move out of a half-hearted/lukewarm commitment to God to a complete yielding of our hearts, minds, souls and bodies. Here is the simple equation that I think the angels were trying to get through our thick sinful heads Presence = Peace, if you have Christ Jesus in your heart, mind, soul and body you have Peace in your heart, mind, soul and body....Jesus = peace! Relationship with Jesus =Peace!

Heavenly Father, may this phrase now hold new meaning each time we recite it, may we truly have this peace which is Jesus residing in us all through out the entire year. Purpose in our hearts to accept this precious gift of salvation that there might be Good Will from you toward us. In Jesus name, Amen

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