Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Charity Yard Sale

This weekend was busy, I held my church's Holiday Adopt-A-Family Outreach at my house and let me just say we had a blast! It was a complete success!!!!!! With An awesome God, and good friends we had just the right atmosphere to draw in yard sale'rs from around the area to buy other peoples junk to help our cause!! LOL Thank you to everyone who came and helped and bought stuff!!!!!Below are some pic's of the event....

Early morning didn't stop us from being excited and energetic!!!!!!!!

I don't know if it was just getting late in the day or if it was the coffee or boredom but many of us purposed to have fun any way!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


We ate doughnuts......


We drank coffee (and sold it).........

We wore tacky ties and posed for silly pictures!!!!! LOL

We made a great profit!!(all in one dollar bills!LOL).....

We met nice People who shopped............

and shopped..........

We even made nice furry friends........

And we met old friends who prayed with us!!!!!!

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