Monday, October 20, 2008

Sand beneath my feet

I've never liked walking on the sand. It makes me wonder as I walk along, "who was here before me?". All the footprints left behind, "what were they there for?". "Were they there just to stay on their safe blanket watching the waves come and then go again", never to feel the cool rush of power wash over them, or were they there to reach the best part of the beach; what I consider the reward for walking on the sand the surf, braving the scorching desert that separates them from the ocean. I didn't like walking on it at all...Well, until now. It's hot and the only relief you're afforded is hopping from blanket to blanket until you reach the waters edge, it's unstable, every step is a faltering, clumsy, wobble that makes my muscles ache. Just Like when you step out in faith and walk in God's plan for your life. There is no comfort from the scorching heat of persecutions, trials, and failures except for the blanket of comfort of knowing you are in his will and along the way these things are preparing you for the great reward of reaching the waters edge.

Every step you take you can feel the sand of your own preconceived notions collapse beneath your souls, leaving you startled, and a bit shaky, not sure if you will be able to keep your footing , but with the determination that God has seen fit to equip you with, you put your arms out to balance your stride, you resolve to keep your eyes on the prize, occasionally you cry out in pain from the heat, but you summons the last bit of adrenalin and command it to your lower extremities and in a one last ditch effort you sprint like never before to reach the cool water, taxing every muscle in your body, all the way praying that you don't run out of steam before you fulfill your God appointed destiny.

You could play it safe and stand in the parking lot wearing your shoes with your hand over your brow to shield you from the glare of the water that is far in the distance. But what excitement would that be? You will eventually have to leave the parking lot, inevitably we will end up taking a step, it might as well be in the direction that God wants us to go.

Just remember that there is a pay off awaiting us just across the sand.

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  1. Great blog! I will be back!
    Linda from CPA and Christian Deck